Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Adland Posts

Welcome to the Adland Posts Blog.
My username on Adlandpro is Moneymaker.
As an active member of Adlandpro, I have tried to sent out at least one message each month to all Adlandpro members who have joined my friends.

I am on the mailing lists of many top internet marketers and usually learn of new launches in the early stages. I have joined many so called next big things, only to be disappointed. The link from my profile page to my my current promotions includes a link to what did not work for me. My intention is to save my online friends time, effort and money.

The format I use consists of any new programs or business opportunities, new advertising resources. These must be low cost or no cost to join, easy to sign up, get your own affiliate links and also easy to promote.
I tend to avoid opportunities where I have to handle actual products and prefer digital delivery. I still have loads of healthcare products from a company that I left over four years ago. I was making more personal purchases to keep up my required business volume.

Any new scams going around, I also include a warning to all of my Adlandpro friends to warn them of the dangers of clicking some of the links included in email marketing.
Example :- If you receive a warning to update your Paypal / Egold or any other account and password, DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS FROM THE EMAILS. These links can take you to a mirror site that really looks like the original website but it is a mirror website and your details are used to clear out your accounts.
Similar emails headlined YOU HAVE FUNDS WAITING, content can state you must log in from the link to claim a pending payment.
If you do receive any such notifications, type in the actuall website into your browser to gain access to your account

Any websites of interest including freebies to assist my Adlandpro friends with marketing and earning.

A link to the profile page of one of my friends to encourage all to invite them to join in and to give them a warm Adlandpro welcome.


My very best wishes for continued success.

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