Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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Still new to this one, will see if it produces the goods before updating informaation but seems to be worth $10 to find out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Online Network Communities

The number of online network communities has grown vastly over recent years.
When Google paid a fortune for MySpace it created a knock on effect that anyone and every one noticed.
New networks are still springing up here there and every where.
Some of the newer places look good, others seem to be clones of a well sold script, all of them present you with an opportunity to create a free profile page with your links on and invite new friends to join you and view your offers.
You will have to do the same and view what some of your new friends are offering, but this is were you can find some gems of opportunities. These places are full of active marketers who are promoting and looking for new programs with great earning potential.
Many are in the first groups to be informed of any new opportunities and you can get the chance to join in on the ground floor. Of course there is still loads of garbage being rehashed and money chains but you can learn to spot the new stuff with potential quite quickly.

Here are a few of mine for you to see examples and sign up for your own free profile page if you want.


Don't join all at once. Join one you like the look of and get your profile page uploaded with links to your promotions, before you start to invite new friends to join you.
Play around with the members area and get the feel for what others are doing to get visitors to their pages.

Promote a little every day and success will come.

TokSee, web 2.0 next level

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But remember surfers get out ahead of the wave for a good ride not behind the wave and all opportunities are about timing. TokSee just started Founder Pre launch and...



Even More Sneaky Scam Emails

After my posts last month warning of the blitz in email scams,
I almost fell for one myself.

Over the Christmas period I used ebay to get Elvis collectables for my mother's presents. She now has absolutely everything Elvis.
The New Scam
Title. eBay New unpaid item message from dgnk32

eBay New Unpaid Item Message from dgnk32:
#150001233575 -- response required

Dear member,

eBay member dgnk32 has left you a message regarding item #150001233575

THE LIVE LINK DID GET CLICKED -> View the dispute thread to respond.



Yes folks,
I did click the link and was taken to what seemed to be an official ebay log in page.
A momentary lapse and my log in details were off and my account would have been hijacked.

To the unsuspecting, this one will get through easier than the usuall...
Your email has won big $$$
Dearest Friend.
Help Required to move vast funds.
I am the only daughter of the deceased plantation owners.
etc, etc., etc.

Please stay alert when clicking any link sent by email.
Log into your accounts by typing the actuall address into your browser and check your online details.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Head Shaving

Well my friend Hazel did go through with her sponsoerd head shaving for charity fundraising. The Yorkhill Childrens Trust raises much needed funds for the Yorkhill Childrens Hospital.

This one is very dear to her heart as the hospital performed operations on one of her young sons on two seperate occations almost certainly saving his life twice.

Hazel in her wisdom, decided to shave her head to help raise funds. I helped her getting one of the top hairdresses in Ayr and also with getting her to contact the local radio station and newspapers to let the local area know about her efforts.

Me personnaly, I would have preferred a sponsored pub crawl. See how many bars I could visit and consume beer in, in a 10 hour period OR something like that :-)

But the photo's are now uploaded to her blog for anyone who wants to look
even give a small donation.


Very brave girl doing this in January in the Scottish weather.