Monday, February 4, 2008

Head Shaving

Well my friend Hazel did go through with her sponsoerd head shaving for charity fundraising. The Yorkhill Childrens Trust raises much needed funds for the Yorkhill Childrens Hospital.

This one is very dear to her heart as the hospital performed operations on one of her young sons on two seperate occations almost certainly saving his life twice.

Hazel in her wisdom, decided to shave her head to help raise funds. I helped her getting one of the top hairdresses in Ayr and also with getting her to contact the local radio station and newspapers to let the local area know about her efforts.

Me personnaly, I would have preferred a sponsored pub crawl. See how many bars I could visit and consume beer in, in a 10 hour period OR something like that :-)

But the photo's are now uploaded to her blog for anyone who wants to look
even give a small donation.


Very brave girl doing this in January in the Scottish weather.

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